Everly Jean, baby girl born to first time parents

BIRTH STORY | EVERLY JEAN HENNING | 9.13.13   Sept 9th Our water softener had a hose blown out and it started to flood our basement on Monday morning of that week. I ran over to our neighbors’ house to get his help. He came over & turned it off & I spent the rest of thatContinue Reading

A Beautiful VBAC assisted by a Monitrice

At about 6 months gestation, I went to the E.R. for what I thought was premature labor. My previous pregnancy had resulted in a miscarriage so I had some cause for concern. After plenty of testing, the results were inconclusive. I was having some fierce abdominal pain that we could not identify. I went homeContinue Reading

Kyra Aaron Reed

In this post I would like to share my amazing birth story. I wrote it for myself- so that I would not forget and so that I can share it with my daughter one day. But I’m sharing it with you for several reasons. When I was pregnant all I ever heard from anyone wasContinue Reading

Abby Kinne doing what she did best!!

My Mom had midwives from choice for all of her childrens births (which is why i also chose to do a home birth with choice), we were all born at home except for my sister Katie, thier 4th child. My parents were planning a home birth with her as well, it just didnt work outContinue Reading

Adelaide’s Birth

My daughter Adelaide Rose was born on a brisk fall morning in November, a Tuesday. And, although much anticipated, it was completely unexpected and absolutely perfect. So much mystery had surrounded Adelaide for so long. What would her sex be? How much would she weigh? Were all her fingers and toes there? But, most importantly,Continue Reading

Lyla’s Birth

Our first child, Adelaide, was born, with the help of CHOICE midwives, into water on November 16th, 2010. She was a planned pregnancy, and we had even gone through fertility medication to help conception. The birth was beautiful and gentle – everything I wanted the experience to be. And, truthfully, I’d call it a typicalContinue Reading

He Was Born Where???

He Was Born Where??? He finally came. Palmer Lewis Hamilton was born on May 5, healthy and beautiful, and, like his sister, he was born at home.   I know what you’re thinking. For goodness sake, why didn’t they learn from the first one and get to the hospital sooner this time? But it wasn’tContinue Reading

Our Home Birth Dream Came True

At 10:30 pm on January 13, Mike and I got into bed.  It was a Sunday, the night before my mom’s birthday…and first Monday since leaving my job.  I was feeling a little guilty about not going to work in the morning, since I hadn’t actually had the baby yet.  Laying on my right side,Continue Reading

Chelsea’s Birth Story

Click here to read Chelsea’s birth storyContinue Reading

Our Perfect Birth

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Eryn’s Little Sister

August 18th began as a usual day in our house. Get up, make breakfast, feed the dogs, dress Eryn and myself. Eryn, then two and a half, busily played, half watching cartoons, when the phone rang. It was my OB’s office. I considered not answering it. Against, perhaps, my better judgment, I said hello. ItContinue Reading

Olen’s Empowering Birth

Despite the outside appearance of a perfectly wonderful home birth with my daughter, it was somehow very traumatic to both her and I when coupled with a difficult postpartum period due to colic and food allergies. We were all healthy when she was born, yes, but definitely not happy. I’ve comet o realize that noContinue Reading

NOT A Walk in the Park

Jack has now been in this world for 18 months and I would like to go back to the day he entered this world and document his birth story.  It is a bit lengthy as it was hard to cut out any detail.  I wanted to document the entire story, unrated and not softening anything. Continue Reading

Ty Simone’s Birth

Ty Simone’s Birth On Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 3:00 p.m., I felt what I qualified as a possible labor contraction.   After sharing this could-be revelation with Gary, I decided to drive to my CHOICE appointment.  I saw my midwife Kelley and told her of my potential labor.  Upon examination she determined the baby was nestled veryContinue Reading


I must admit that I was nervous about performing as well as the couples in the HypnoBirthing videos. Would I be the little engine that couldn’t? Incredibly, we could have also starred in our own segment. Thank you Marie Mongan and thank you Heidi Wilhelm, our adept instructor. On 8/9, my 31st birthday, I wasContinue Reading

A Truly Joyful Birth

by Cas Chermer Hannah, my first child, was born in a hospital, and although her birth was unmedicated, it was not a natural birth. I’d arrived at the hospital at 8 cm and very much in control, but I ended up in the helpless bug position, with my baby (as she, herself, describes it 5Continue Reading

The Gift and the Miracle

by Laura Staley Hausman On Friday, June 26th, 1998 I wake up at 7:30 a.m. and discover bloody show. Steady, walk-through contractions begin and continue. It is a hot, humid, overcast day. After breakfast Herb, Julianna and I walk to the playground. I sit on a bench and notice the world through a bubble. IContinue Reading


by Jen Asselstine Choice. It’s a right that we exercise each day. We choose what to wear in the morning and what to eat for breakfast. We choose the type of car to drive and what profession to pursue. We choose whether to make a good, moral decision or a bad one. We choose aContinue Reading

A Mother’s Perspective: Adventures in Natural Childbirth

by Lauren Banta My husband, Mark, and I were thrilled to see “positive pink” on my pregnancy test in June, 1997. My mind raced with hopeful thoughts concerning our first child. Was this tiny baby a boy or a girl? What would we name our little blessing? Regarding birth, I wanted to avoid an episiotomyContinue Reading

A Father’s Perspective: A New View

by Mark Banta Had you asked me 5 years ago what I thought of home birth I would have told you, in no uncertain terms, that the risks far outweigh the rewards. Furthermore, I would have said that there is no reason to do such a thing given the excellent medical technology and gifted medicalContinue Reading