Childbirth Education Classes

CHOICE classes explore the processes of labor and delivery, along with preparation—both physical and emotional—for birth. Our classes are two and a half hours long and meet once a week for six weeks.

Alternative Birth Series

Our Alternative Birth Series is designed for couples who are planning to give birth at home, in an alternative birth center, or in a birthing room. We offer instruction in Lamaze, Kitzinger, LeBoyer and other labor techniques. Our classes include slide presentations and videotapes of women giving birth at home, in birth centers and in the hospital. We also explore the processes of labor and delivery, along with preparation—both physical and emotional–for birth. We explain the importance and techniques of perineal massage and support, and describe the process of birth and catching a baby.

Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are offered to parents who have previously taken CHOICE classes. These classes review the birth and preparation techniques that are taught in the Alternative Birth Series. They review the birth and preparation techniques that are taught in the Alternative Birth Series. The Refresher Course consists of three classes which are two and a half hours each. Private Classes are available on request.

Meet the Instructors

Tanya Rabel-Collins

Eliza Kay

Nicole Sofranko

My path to birthwork started long before I birthed my third child at home with Amy and Nina. Growing up, I was enamored with babies and breastfeeding. I always looked forward to experiencing motherhood myself.

In 1995, at 16 years old, I had my first child. I had planned a natural hospital birth, but experienced an emergency c-sectioninstead. Years later I met my soul mate in the most unexpected place and we were married in the Park of Roses in 1998. In 2005 we had our first child together, by planned c-section. A few years later I started reading about birth, educating and empowering myself. This was the moment my feelings aboutfeminism and birth collided. With a solid foundation, we planned a homebirth for our third baby with the help of CHOICE. In 2012 we were successful and had our homebirth after two cesareans (HBA2C)! That birth reawakened in me the fire I felt surrounding women and birth.

With the advice of CHOICE midwife Tanya, I began mybirthwork journey by taking toLabor Birth Doula and Activist training. It was a life-changing weekend for me and I knew I was where I was meant to be. I believe that education is vital to all birth plans and I am honored to work with women during such a sacred time in their lives. My intention is to shine a light on birth choices that can bring about the best birth experience for parents as well as their baby. At the core of my birthwork is an unwavering belief in women’s bodies and their natural ability to birth babies.

Currently I am the local toLabor Doula/Activist workshop sponsor, ICAN co-leader and a CHOICE Childbirth Educationinstructor. All of these roles are very important to me as they are each necessary for the good health of our birth community that I am honored to be a part of.

When I am not immersed in birthwork, I am immersed in my family. I have three sons and an amazing supportive husband. We enjoy spending our time traveling, playing video games and visiting museums together. The east coast is our favorite area to vacation, especially the ocean. As a homeschooling family we spend most of our time learning and growing together. It is important to our family to work at reducing our use of chemicals and increasing our support of the environment.

In the moments that I have to myself I enjoy reading, writing and coffee. I am lucky to have a wonderful community of women through which I give and receive support. Spending time with these wise women gives me perspective and safe space tolearn and grow. I strive to do the same for the women who allow me to share their journey through pregnancy and birth.