Home Birth Support

Comprehensive Educational Prenatal Care Program

CHOICE offers an educational prenatal care program to supplement care by a physician. This prenatal care is not designed to replace care by a physician, but rather to expand and supplement it with an educational program for couples planning a home birth. CHOICE will provide Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) to support and prepare couples planning an alternative birth. This program includes:

First Consultation

This is an opportunity, free of charge,  for you to discuss what options are available in your community with the Midwives. There is no charge for this time with the Midwives regardless of whether or not you decide to use our services.

Home Birth Evaluation

This visit is designed to help you and your Midwives evaluate whether or not you are a good candidate for a home birth. This usually takes about an hour. Prior to this appointment we ask that you have filled out your medial history chart online.

Prenatal Education and Counseling

These services are provided throughout your pregnancy and include nutritional, psychological and emotional aspects of pregnancy.  The frequency of visits will depend on the stage of your pregnancy. We will expect to see you monthly through your seventh month, bimonthly during your eighth month, and weekly until birth (or more frequently, if needed).

Home Visit

At about three weeks prior to your due date, a home visit will be made. Everyone who is expected to be at the birth should be there at this time. The purpose of this visit is to meet all persons involved, answer whatever questions they may have, ascertain that all preparations have been made for the birth and that the Midwives are familiar with the route to your home.

Attendance Throughout Labor and Birth and the Immediate Postpartum Period

The Midwives provide support throughout your labor and birth and will remain in your home until everyone is settled and the room is tidy; an average of 2/3 hours (or longer if needed).

Postpartum Visits

On the first and third day following your birth one of the Midwives will come back to your home to check you and your baby and answer any questions you may have. A nurse visits you about 5 days postpartum. Brief office visits will be scheduled for you at two weeks and four weeks postpartum to address any problems you may have and assure that your baby is thriving. At six weeks postpartum an extensive postpartum visit will be scheduled to debrief your birth experience and address any ongoing problems you may have. At this time, contraceptive counseling is available.