The Center for Humane Options in Childbirth Experiences (CHOICE) is an organization of parents and professionals who support the rights of parents to choose humane options in their childbirth experience. CHOICE is a non-sectarian, not for profit corporation which was founded in January, 1977, and is duly registered under the not-for-profit laws of the State of Ohio. The purpose of this organization is:

  • to provide safe alternatives for childbirth;
  • to help create a more natural environment for childbirth;
  • and to create a more positive physical, emotional and spiritual environment for optimum development of closer and happier family relationships;
  • to teach, encourage and give moral support to groups or individuals working in or interested in family-oriented childbirth.

Basic to CHOICE’s philosophy is that parents should be able to choose the location and type of birth they feel is right for their family and still have the resources to draw on from their community to make this a safe and rewarding experience.